Life of the Artist

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    k. Youssef & H. Alsalim;
    Freedom is the central theme reflected in Rana Hatmal’s paintings. The steps we take during our life, what guides us and what hinders or propels our flight are all in our minds. If the artist relies on her roots to draw paths in different shades of colours, she has a concern about the future, yet it is the present that matters the most. To break the chains and give free will to our senses, our emotions and gestures, we need the freedom in which our souls flourish. We could be like birds in flight, free to explore, free to point and draw. What counts is not so much the horizon or the end of the road, but which is above all the freedom of movement, a freedom so dear, but increasingly restricted, in a world that, in its frightening acceleration, leaves no more room to savour the present.

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